Chevron Collection Launch!

CHESTKRAFT Unveils Exciting New Collection to Elevate Your Style

[DELHI, 28 Oct 2023] — Chestkraft, a leading name in the world of personal and fashion accessories, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest collection, designed to inspire and elevate your personal style.

The new collection from Chestkraft consists of Watch Boxes and organisers, Jewellery organisers and sling bags, tableware etc. and is a testament to our commitment to delivering quality, sustainable and functional accessories that resonate with individuals who seek environmental friendly, longevity, style and authenticity. 

Key Highlights of the Collection:

Ms. Shilpi Mittal, General Manager at, expressed their enthusiasm for the collection, saying, "We are incredibly proud of our latest collection, and we believe it will resonate with fashion-conscious individuals who appreciate quality, individuality and sustainability. Our team has  put in great effort into creating accessories that make a statement and add a touch of elegance to every-day living."
The new collection will be available for purchase online at and in select fashion and accessories stores in India. 
For more information about Chestkraft’s Chevron new collection, or media inquiries, please contact:
Ms. Shilpi Mittal,

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